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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kitchen Pantry Reveal

We have come to the end of the "Impossibilities Challenge" and I am excited to show you all my pantry. It is still incomplete, however. I have not yet changed out those ugly accordian doors. Remember these?:

Well, they're still there :-( But, I will be replacing them and can update you all when it is done. I have some fun things planned for the inside of the new doors, so I couldn't do that part yet. But, I did get a lot done and I am very happy with the results. So here they are:

Here was the before:

First, I painted the shelves with black chalkboard paint. Upon the advice (which I have since determined was horrible advice) of the Home Depot employee, I used spray chalkboard paint. He felt this would be the best way to paint the inside of a pantry or cabinet. Um, it was a mess. I taped off the walls, but as you can imagine, the spray paint did not really care about the taped off areas. So, there was a lot of paint everywhere. Like on the floor and even way outside the pantry into the rest of the kitchen. I was digging black paint out of my nose and ears for a couple of days too. Apparently, this problem should have been totally obvious. But, I was just doing what the Home Depot guy said. Don't they know everything? Lesson learned.

My wonderful husband primed and painted almost all the rest of the pantry for me after I nearly killed myself huffing paint while doing the shelves. The walls were painted in Swiss Coffee. Then, I put down some of that rubbery shelf liner stuff in a charcoal color.

I bought lots of dollar store baskets and painted them aqua, then attached chalkboard tags to label my baskets.

Next, I used some labels that I also painted with chalkboard paint to label my canisters.

I decorated a plastic grocery bag holder that I already had, put my cans on little shelves from Bed Bath and Beyond, my spices on a 2-tier lazy susan from Target and my foil/plastic wrap/wax paper et. al. in a hanging shelf from the container store.

I bought some inexpensive wicker hanging baskets from a flower shop in my neighborhood, spray painted them heirloom white and put my chocolate/peanut butter/butterscotch chips in one and packages of nuts in the other one:

I put an LED light from Home Depot on the ceiling:

The top shelf holds my bigger appliances, like my crock pot and coffee pot as well as a basket with coffee stuff (coffee, flavorings, coffee filters, coffee grinder and tea):

Also on the top shelf are my cookbooks:

The next shelf has my spice rack a small basket of garlic powder, salt and pepper (the things I use all the time), a basket of oils and cooking sprays:

The second shelf also has baking powders/soda, cocoa powder etc in one basket. There is an entire basket just for sprinkles (is that too much?) and a small basket with extracts and food colorings:

The 3rd shelf - 2 baskets of snacks (crackers, cookies, granola bars etc.) and shelves of canned foods:

Under the snack baskets is the hanging shelf that holds the plastic wrap, aluminum foil as well as boxes of pasta. Below the hanging shelf are 2 small baskets, one with dry mixes, one with jello/pudding boxes:

Beside those is a basket of boxed sides and next to that are all the canisters:

The bottom shelf has small appliances like my rice cooker, Foreman grill, little crockpot for dips and my griddle:

And on the floor, I have a box that holds my steam mop and swiffer accessories, another box that holds paper bags and a box of paper goods like cups, party napkins etc. These are ugly boxes that I plan to either cover up and make pretty or replace with some other type of basket or box:

And there we have it. Before:



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  1. Very nice. The baskets are a great addition, and the LED light, too. Enjoy!

  2. I LOVE it too!! Those hanging baskets are a great idea for use of the wall space. I love the coordinating containers and tags. So awesome. I have recently found that painting cardboard works really well, maybe you could just give those boxes on the bottom a quick coat of paint until you find exactly what you want?? Thank you so much for linking up to the challenge!

  3. Looks wonderful, I love the LED light and all the organizers. Congrats on finishing your project. I'm going after my tupperware shelves tomorrow. I will be posting on my blog, sweettmomentswithsteffie.blogspot.com.

  4. Those pantry makeovers are a ton of work!!! It turned out very nice and organized! You have a lot of great ideas on here. I was sitting here wondering why it seems like I have WAY more stuff than you, in my pantry, but realized that I feed 6-9 extra kids 3-4 meals a day. Hmmm, that probably adds a lot to our stock! I need some can stackers and lazy susans for my space too. Will have to work on finding some for cheap.
    Job well done!

  5. Wow! I knew you could do it! Everything looks incredible! Especially those hanging wicker baskets! Looks like you have conquered your "impossible." Thanks for joining the party!

  6. hi! I saw you at before & after and wanted to tell you your pantry looks awesome! Doesn't it feel good to get things tidy? I just organized every drawer and cupboard in my kitchen and I love that I now know exactly what I have in my pantry. I can find things so easily in my junk drawer too! It's the little things. ;) :)

  7. Looks Nice. I really the splash of color the baskets give it. Great Job. I never thought of putting a light in mine (mine looks just like yours - ha ha).

  8. You did a great job! I reorganized mine for the challenge and didn't even say I was doing this as I was afraid I would not get it done. I didn't have time to paint but at least I can find things now!! Love the aqua basket color!

  9. So well organized! Love that you put in a ceiling light (no more fumbling for the cookies at midnight)! The dark paint on the shelves looks great! So glad you joined our Impossibilities Challenge!

  10. Great job! This is amazing I'm so jealous, I wish I had a pantry! <3 from your newest follower and fellow blogger :) I would LOVE it if you could follow back!

  11. Oh how I wish I had a pantry that I could organize! Yours looks so wonderful ... am digging the chalkboard tags!

    Thanks so so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge and linking up!



  12. Well it looks fabulous! I love how you used the baskets to corral items. You have definitely inspired me to organize my pantry too!

  13. WOW it looks wonderful! I also use the baskets to store things in our pantry, but need some more and to finish organizing it, you just gave me the inspiration I needed, thanks!

    mama of many blessings

  14. Wow what an improvement! I'm trying to decide what to do with my mess of a pantry as well. I love the color combo too! Thanks for linking up to My Favorite Things Friday Party, I hope you join in again this Friday!

  15. love this. my pantry is about the size of one side of yours but i could still make it look cute like that. i'm inspired!!!

  16. Love the idea of the chalkboard paint! It looks really nice. Thanks for linking it to my organizational linky!


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