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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clean and Organized 2013 Challenge

As you know from many of my posts, I am always on a quest to be more organized. Many times that quest involves a lot of wishing and hoping and looking at pinterest, but not a lot of doing. Well, that's kind of me :)

So, for 2013, I have resolved to get clean and organized and, of course, blog about it. Now you may remember that in 2012, I had a similar goal. So nice of you to notice. It's true. And the reality is, it will likely be my goal in 2014 too. But, let's not forget 2012 was not all a wash in this area. I did actually get some organizing projects done and they are still working for me today!

My Kitchen Pantry came as a result of another blogger's challenge and it has remained organized and functional even a year later.

I also made a kitchen drawer into a School Lunch Station. Ok, yeah, so that was in 2011. I guess I do about 1 organizing project a year. But, we still use that lunch station and it still looks clean and organized.

I swapped out the bigger white utensil baskets for smaller black baskets and added one for straws (not so much for school, but because I like to use straws a lot around the house).

Now those white baskets are in my pantry holding boxes of jello and dry mix packets. The skinny black baskets just worked better for the utensils.

Onto this year's challenge:

Clean and Scentsible is hosting the Household Organization Diet which is the total inspiration for my challenge. She is having us focus on one area of the house each month. January is the kitchen.

Before starting the challenge, she had us make a binder with 13 tabs (one for each month and one for notes). So, here is my binder:

Cheapest 1 1/2 " binder at Staples

Slide in my little cover page and add some tabs

And there it is. I kept my tabs blank at this point because I am not completely sure if I will organize my binder in the same way she does. I want to play around with it and decide on the best system for our household, so they are blank for now. I'll keep you posted on my binder progress as I go.

To get started, Clean and Scentsible also had us get our cleaners organized. Check out mine here.

Kitchen Projects for January::

Clean and Organize under the kitchen sink
Clean Garbage Disposal
Clean and Organize Kitchen Cabinets
Clean and Organize Refrigerator
Organize the Junk Drawer
Tile Floor Face Lift

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  1. I love the clean and organized projects for the year! I know your garbage disposal is smelling great too!

  2. Nice Job! It's always so rewarding to get things organized!