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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

F is for Failure

"F" is for February and also for "failure". February was an epic FAIL for our family's 2011 New Year's resolution. I've lost count, at this point, how many times we "cheated" and ate out (beyond our established "exceptions" to the rule). It started out small as I assume all New Year's resolution crash and burns usually do. So, now like the rest of the country, we made it into month 2 of our resolution before total failure!

At first, I planned to just get back on track and not mention this little boo-boo. But, as my husband reminded me (I hate when he does that), failure is a part of life.
Relapse is a part of recovery.
Changing old habits is well....hard!
Admitting to failure is even harder.

So, there you have it. We had a month of colossally bad planning and follow through and lots of eating out as a result.

I'd love to say we have gotten ourselves back together and are back on track. Actually, when my husband suggested I blog about our failure, I thought "Sure. I'll do that. Just as soon as we are back on track." Um, that's not that much better than just ignoring it and pretending it didn't happen.

But let's look on the bright side. This month, I made 2 of my 3 planned Valentine projects. And I organized a drawer!

Now, pay no attention to the fact that this is the only organized space in my entire home. It's still a nice drawer! Nevermind I have been working on organizing our play room for close to a month now (a weekend project at best), did you see the lunch drawer?

Here, get a good look:

Another bright side...we ate at home last night. We had Costco Orange Chicken:

It was pretty tasty. Here is the recipe for that:

1. Drive to Costco
2. Buy the box of frozen orange chicken
3. Follow instructions on the package
4. Make some rice (I did actually cook my own rice)
5. Feed it to your family

Hey, when you are used to getting F's, you should celebrate C's!


  1. I love this post, thank you for being honest with us. Your very astute husband is right, we all slip and it is much easier to find forgiveness in honesty :)

  2. great post...I follow you via gfc, would you follow me back? http://susansdisneyfamily.blogspot.com/

  3. Awesome! I would say you didn't fail becuase you embraced it...The recipe still has me laughing after an EXTREMELY long day...Plus you get a by, February is a short month I say!

  4. Hilarious. I loved the pictures.
    Visiting on the Friday hop from Edge of Escape