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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy February!

We are officially through our first month of no eating out. We had two birthdays in January (which is one of the exceptions to our rule) and after a 2 hour trip to the urgent care, we let Amelia pick where she wanted to eat dinner that night (going out to eat helps injuries heal much faster). So, we met our goal. And no fast food so far this year! Oh, and how could I forget to mention, we managed to get our Christmas tree put away before February!

So, how is your February shaping up so far? My first meal of February ended up like this:

These are potato enchiladas after the dog has knocked the entire pan off the counter. Actually, these are potato enchiladas after I swept them into a pile as the glass pan shrapnel was originally scattered all over the kitchen. I will be making these again as I was super excited to try my new creation. And super disappointed that my stupid dog ruined it. I am dubbing February "potato month". Don't ask why, just go with it. So, stay tuned for some unique potato recipes this month.

Day 2 of February, I bought a new planner. I know, it's Feb and I am just buying a planner for 2011. I know, who the heck uses paper planners anymore? I just can't get away from my need for things to be on paper. Now, if someone can just explain to me why a paper calendar bound into a notebook has to cost so much? I know, because no one uses them anymore! While I was buying my planner, I found these cool pens made from recycled water bottles:

They are refillable too. How cool is that? As I am purchasing my cool pens and my overpriced planner, the cashier commented "Wow, you drive a long way to work" (because, of course, I had to sign up for a "rewards" card which required my address). To which I replied, "yeah, 20 miles, but don't most people in the Phoenix area drive that far to work?" To which the customer in line behind me felt the need to chime in "NO! I refuse to drive more than 10 miles to work!" Then the customer and the cashier proceed to have a whole conversation about commuting. And I am thinking, none of this even matters since I only actually drive to the office 1 or 2 days per week. The rest of the time I am out in the field in which I am driving way more than 20 miles one way most times. So, while this lady is "refusing" to drive more than 10 miles to work, I am driving from Mesa to Waddell. Where's Waddell, you ask? Exactly! Shut up, I am buying recycled pens!

Ok, back to the love.
Let's not let the dogs and the fact that I am ruining the Earth with all of my driving take away from the LOVE theme of February.

In keeping with the theme, here are some really cool valentine crafts that I will spend hours looking at and "planning" to make, but will never actually make any of them. But, that doesn't make them any less cool. So, check it out and maybe some of you will actually make some of these things:
Crayon Hearts from Skip to My Lou

Pie Pops from Our Best Bites

Valentine Tree from Homeschool Blogger

Sewn Paper Valentines from The Purl Bee
Fabric Window Valentines from The Purl Bee

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