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Monday, February 7, 2011

On The Fast Track

So, it's February 7th, 2011. I guess it's about time for me to contribute to this blog.

As you've read, Jess has been doing a tremendous amount of work helping remake our family. Her cooking, if you've sampled any of her recipes, is tremendous. It's been amazing for me and the kids to see her moving around the kitchen, cutting this, chopping that, heating this mixture until it starts to bubble, dropping that one into the rest at just the right time.

Basically, you should come over for dinner some time.

But, besides saving us money and allowing us to savor meals instead of just eating them (fast food truly is not that great if you're honest about it), Jess's cooking has really opened up room for God in our family. I can't tell you how much easier it is to pray over a meal, to be thankful for it, when you've had to wait for it, when somebody has poured love into it. Jessica's cooking has really started to transform our family.

Okay, so why the "fast" track? Um, well... I came into 2011 with a plan to fast one day a week for a year. I wasn't sure why. I've fasted quite a bit in the past, at least a few times a year. But, nothing as drastic as my plan for this year. If I had to hazard a guess to my reasoning, fasting a day a week sounded like a challenge. It sounded like something I could puff my chest about. And hopefully lose a ton of weight while doing it.

Guess what?

I failed miserably.

My plan was to fast Thursday night to Friday night. I tried numerous times, and every time... give me that grub.

So, why admit it on this blog? Well, I'm at it again. But, this time with a new perspective thanks to something we've been talking about at Chrio Communities (look it up or ask me or Jess and stop by some Sunday.) Basically, we've been challenging each other and ourselves to open up space in our lives for God.

There's lots of ways to do that: read the Bible, pray, spend time serving in the community... all great things for sure, and things we're doing. But, somebody floated the idea that fasting was a good way to open room for God.

Okay, all the Christians in the house (and Muslims, Budhists, Yogis, & Hari Krishnas for that matter) say, "No, duh." I'm not exactly breaking new ground, I know. But, I'm not sure I've ever approached fasting this way before... not expecting a thing... just leaving room in my stomach and in my heart... and trusting in God to fill the space in any way He wishes.

So, with that in mind, I was able to fast for the first time this year.... Friday night to Saturday night. It wasn't that hard this time. And, guess what? God didn't blow my mind with any revelations about anything. At times, I felt calm.... or dizzy... or really damn hungry. One thing I did notice, I didn't agonize over the stuff I normally do. And when I started to worry, I just talked to God about it. Conversation with Him was easier and more natural, and it's remained that way for the past few days.

So, at sundown tonight I started a 2nd day of fasting this month. I've missed five Friday fasts so far, and I'd like to make them up. So, God willing, the plan is to fast every third day for the rest of February.

Not sure if I'll make it, but I'll be praying that I do.

I'll update you along the way.

And if this kind of post isn't your thing. Don't worry. Jess will still be coming correct with the recipes!

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