Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cinnamon sugar tortillas

Today, was a record making day. I do not eat leftovers. I just don't. There are a couple of things (like pizza) that I will eat leftover. But just about anything else will not get eaten by me. I bring home to-go boxes from restaurants, but I'm not sure why because it always gets thrown in the trash. But today, I ate left over chicken salad for lunch and for dessert I decided to use up the left over tortillas. That's two times in one day!

So here is what I did with the tortillas. I heated some vegetable oil in a saute pan, fried the tortillas for about 10 sec. on each side, then sprinkled (maybe more like dumped than sprinkled) with cinnamon sugar mixture while still hot. They were crispy, sugary, cinnamony goodness. We put them in bowls with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm Good. The neighborhood kids thought so too!

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