Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not Quite Jersey Mike's

If you've never been to Jersey Mike's, you should go. They make the best italian sub. I've recently developed a bit of an aversion to lunchmeat. I used to really like turkey sandwiches, but now I find myself pulling all of the meat off of the sandwich by the time I'm done with it. However, inspite of my newly acquired distaste of lunchmeat, I love italian meat subs. Weird, I know. Those subs are piled up with various types of lunchmeat and I love it! But, I think Jersey Mike's makes the best (their chipotle philly cheese steak is really great too).
When people ask if it's been hard not eating out, it's not the day to day run through the drive thru and pick something up out of necessity due to lack of planning ahead that I miss, but my favorite places, those I miss. So, today, I made my next best thing to Jersey Mike's Italian sub. I bought sub rolls from the bakery, I bought pepperoni, salami and ham and swiss (this is not identical to the original, but close enough). Now, at Jersey Mike's the meat is sliced super thin right in front of you, their bread is yummy and fresh and they use provolone (swiss was on sale), then they top it with "the juice" which is simply oil, vinegar and spices. So, I bought this sub dressing...
which is also just made up of oil, vinegar and spices, but I didnt have to make it myself (which sounds really lazy, I know), but it was good and I'd buy it again for sure. I missed a crucial step to this sandwich and that is lettuce and tomato. I was so preoccupied in the store with getting the meats and "juice" that I forgot to pick up some lettuce and tomato (they were definitely missed).

But, in the end, the sub was very tasty. Not quite Jersey Mike's, but it will do for now.

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