Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pop Pop's Burritos

Growing up my dad made these burritos that my brother and I loved. I hesitate to even call this a recipe since it all comes from a can (what kind of burrito were you expecting from a New Yorker who still struggles to pronounce "quesadilla"?). But they are seriously good. I loved them as much tonight as I did when I was a kid (I ate three of them, yes 3, don't judge me!).

Since my homemade tortilla adventure didn't turn out so well, I used the next best thing for my burritos...
...the uncooked tortilla that you heat on a skillet. Far less work than the homemade tortillas and tastier than my version. Although, the feedback on my tortillas so far was "what were you thinking substituting butter for lard, you stupid gringa?"

2 12oz cans roast beef with gravy
2 cans chili beans
1 can ranch style beans
1 4oz can diced green chiles
shredded cheese

Mix it all together, heat it up. I used the crockpot. Not because it needs to cook slowly or for a long time, but because I can leave it and walk away. I stir it until the beef chunks shred up and it's done when it's hot. Wrap up in a tortilla with some cheese. Eat. Yum!

2 more things: 1. It comes out quite soupy - notice the slotted spoon (essential to prevent a soggy tortilla mess). 2. Another recipe that makes an enormous amount (plan accordingly - like invite me over, I'll eat three).

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