Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday morning donut disaster

A few years ago, I saw on Semi-Homemade on Food TV these donuts made from store bought biscuit dough. I recently have come across several postings for these online on various blog sites. So, I gave them a try today. My family was skeptical that biscuit dough would taste like donuts, but I assured them that everyone who has posted this recipe has said how much they taste like real donuts.

I decided to make half of mine with an apple glaze and half with cinnamon and sugar. I wanted to try jelly filled on the donut holes, but didn't end up doing that (maybe next time).

My "tester" donut hole went in first. I didnt think the oil was hot enough, so I increased the heat before making the rest of the donuts. My daughter rolled the donut hole in cinnamon and sugar after it was cooled a little and she was the official "tester". She really liked them. So, off we go. As I was putting the donuts in the oil, they were browning so fast (within seconds), I had to quickly turn them so they would not burn. I cooked them all up, placed on paper towels, ready to cover with glaze or cinnamon and sugar.
They looked pretty tasty. However, they were uncooked in the middle. Yuck! Raw biscuit dough, although covered in cinnamon and sugar, still not good. I think my tester was actually the way to go. The oil was not so hot that the outsides would begin to burn before the insides were cooked all the way. Oops! On the upside, the apple glaze was super easy and tasted really good. I think using orange juice or lemon would also be really good. I think the glazes would be good on various bunt cakes or a breakfast muffin.

All was not lost, I popped them in the oven on a baking sheet for about 10min to finish cooking them inside. Then they tasted kind of like a biscuit covered in cinnamon and sugar. It was a big let down. My husband swears that even if they had cooked properly, they would have tasted like biscuits to him. He thinks crescent rolls and other refrigerated doughs, no matter how you try to disguise them (to make pizza crust or donuts or whatever), they taste like refrigerated dough. He's probably right. But I wanted him to be wrong.

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