Friday, January 7, 2011

How I will save a $1,000 this year

Along with our family's fast food habit, I have a morning Starbucks addiction. I've never calculated the cost of this habit, mostly because I know how ridiculous it is to spend $5 on a drink almost everyday (and at least 15min in an outrageously long drive thru line). So, here it is, my iced venti chai tea is $5 per day at 5 days per week = $1,300 per year. Really, I should hide my head in shame. That's crazy.

Here's my solution:
The chai tea mix costs $5 and makes about 5 large glasses and I use about $.12 of milk per cup of tea. So, that costs me about $291.20 per year for a savings of $1,008.80 per year. I didn't estimate the cost of the ice or the straw :)

I could save even more if I made my own chai tea mix rather than buying the Tazo stuff. So, keep an eye out for my fabulous homemade chai tea mix recipe.


  1. it's 3.99 at target... i saw it today and thought... i could use a few less visits through the starbucks drive thru too!

  2. Costco has a really good one too that you just mix with water. It is $10 for 60 yummy!

  3. I do not have a Starbucks additcion, but a soda one. I will plan my shopping around where I can buy a fountain Diet Coke, so taht I can have a drink while shopping. You have motivated me to figure out how much I am spending per day/week, and make changes...I know I waste so much money doing this...not to mention, I can go home and drink another 2 litre of soda during the day!