Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Two

I feel like I spent a good portion of my day in the kitchen. I am looking ahead to the work week realizing I will not have the time or the energy to spend as much time cooking. But today, it was fun and the kids helped out. I enjoy having them help me cook.

For lunch, we had chicken salad sandwiches. I love these. I realize this is a super simple dish (not necessarily requiring a recipe), but this is how I have been making them for years with lots of compliments.

For dinner, we had chicken tacos. I had some left over chicken from the chicken broccoli rolls, I grilled up some more chicken, made homemade salsa, guacamole and homemade tortillas, topped with cheese and sour cream. They were really good tacos. I was slightly disappointed with the tortillas. I got the recipe from My Wooden Spoon, I used butter instead of lard (which may be a really big deal). They weren't great on their own, but with the taco, I really liked them. At first, I didn't roll them thin enough, so they were almost like pita bread. My daughter actually liked them better like that. She ate them with butter. I found them to be a little dry. But I am not giving up, I'll try them again, maybe with lard next time.

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